Twin Cities Vipassana Collective

TCVC Retreat Calendar

Dates Teachers Location Contact Register
October 3-8, 2014
Amma Thanasanti
Koinonia Retreat Center
Annandale, MN
Phil Harper
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February 13-20, 2015
Chas DiCapua &
Rebecca Bradshaw
Koinonia Retreat Center
Annandale, MN
Matthew Buzzard
June 12-21, 2015 Steve Armstrong &
Kamala Masters
Koinonia Retreat Center
Annandale, MN
Evelyn Kaiser

Read the current edition of GrassRoots Dhamma in the News section for retreat details and registration forms.

Typical Retreat Schedule

Opening Day: Checkin 3-6 PM Supper 6PM Retreat Opens 8PM
Weekend Retreat Ends: 5 PM on closing day
Fulltime Retreat Ends: After noon meal on closing day.

Retreat schedules vary. Check the newsletter for actual schedule.

Cancellation Policy

Please notify the registrar as soon as possible if you need to cancel. TCVC retains a $25 late fee for cancellations received after the registration due date.

Please Read before Departing for Retreat

Essential information sent upon registration confirmation: Please Read--Word or Please Read--PDF

Helpful Documentation for People Attending TCVC Retreats

Information for people new to retreat practice: What to Expect

Orientation information for everyone attending TCVC retreats: Welcome

Directions to Koinonia Retreat Center.

TCVC Retreat Documentation

The following sections contain documentation used in organizing TCVC retreats. This information is essential for TCVC retreat registrars and managers. TCVC shares this information with anyone interested in learning more about our retreats and also for those who are organizing their own retreats.

Retreat Registration Documentation

Registration Instructions

Registration Spreadsheet

Retreat Management Documentation

Management Instructions

Sample Schedules

Retreat Schedule

Bell Ringing Schedule

Shower Schedule

Bulletin Board Notes


Handouts for Beginning of Retreat

TCVC Bio Questionnaire

Bio Questionnaire used by Steve and Kamala

Metta and Precepts Chants


Metta Phrases

Upekkha Phrases

Handouts at End of Retreat

Information about Dana

Retreat Evaluation